Pastor Father Stephen Kenny

Principal Sister Mary Lawrence, O.P.

Assistant Principal / School Counselor Mrs. Terry Pyrdom

Director of Development Deacon Ted Schreck

Office Manager / Admissions Ms. Tondra Davis

Secretary Ms. Krissna Vazquez

Parish Bookkeeper Ms. Jackie Carney

Director of Pre-K / Pre-K 3  Mrs. Sandra Feathers

Pre-K 3/4 Mrs. Janice Hines

Pre-K 4  Mrs. Valerie Foster & Mrs. Sheila Viglietti

Pre-K Aides Mrs. Jamila Branch (3), Ms. Bella Garcia (4), Miss Michelle Stanley (4)

Pre-K Aftercare Mrs. Mayra Gonzalez

Kindergarten Ms. Christie Alonso & Mrs. Margaret Ann Murphy

1st Grade Ms. Julia Gephart & Mrs. Suzanne Youngblood

2nd Grade Ms. Laura Bennett

3rd Grade Mrs. Terry Pyrdom

4th Grade Ms. Tara Williams

5th Grade Sister Mariam, O.P.

6th Grade Mrs. LaWanda Thomas

7th Grade Ellen Nance

8th Grade Sister Veronica Anne, O.P.

PE Mrs. Carole Viglietti 

Computer Ms. Kathie Heirigs

Librarian/Office Assistant Mrs. Catherine Storms

Art Mrs. Lola Scarlett

Music/STEM Mr. Jay Beltran

Spanish Ms. Brenda Gonzalez

Resource/Learning Specialist Mrs. Stephanie Vandeventer

Cafeteria Manager and Aftercare Ms. Rahel Woldemicael

Cafeteria Assistant OPEN

Cafeteria and Aftercare OPEN

Webster & Cafeteria Volunteer Mr. Robert Harmon

Maintenance Director OPEN

Maintenance Assistants Rev. Anthony Jones & Mr. J. Refugio (Cuco) Gallegos