Nov 16th: Foundation… The 3rd hallmark of a St. Paul Catholic education

Foundation…we strive to develop the whole person in all that we do and say at St. Paul Catholic School.

Catholic education is different and it’s special!  At St. Paul, for over 70 years, we have partnered with parents to build a solid foundation for their children.  Our teachers and staff and parents work together with the support of our alumni and our community to form men and women of character, integrity, love, life, and laughter!  All of these are part of fostering the development of the whole child.  


Thank you so much for praying with us each week.  Sister Mary Lawrence, our students, and our teachers and staff are uplifted by your prayers and support.  Please continue to be safe and we want you to know that we pray for you as well.

We look forward each day to partnering with parents to build a solid foundation for their children.  

Have a great week ahead!

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